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17 Jan

Guys I started a vlog on YouTube. It’s a bit easier for me than writing because I freak out if the writing isn’t perfect and the pictures aren’t perfect and blah blah blah. But if you want to see and hear me talk Kablooey, this is the link to my channel:

If you want to get them sent to your email account as soon as I post them, you must SUBSCRIBE to my channel.

I may still try to keep this venue for the stuff that’s not really conducive to video. And I’ve realized that it’s a skill and an art to make entertaining and interesting videos. A skill and an art I have not mastered, so be gentle.

A Brief Message for Charish’s Mama

23 Jun

Sister, I have never met you but you are loved and you are held in my heart. I haven’t stopped thinking about your story since I heard of it yesterday. I know with every fiber of my being that it will haunt me for the rest of my life. I am so sorry. So so sorry. Tears are welling up as I type this. You and your angel and your children will be lifted in my prayers forever. Forever. May you find peace in time.

Music, these days.

24 Sep

I hear the lyrics, the beat, and I recognize the passions, intensity, frenzy. Can’t feel them. Can see, remember, nostalgia. A passing train. Nothing stirs. Molasses. Tar pit. Black & white movie.

90 Minute Makeover

22 Sep

Fresh pink, and lash & brow tint makes me happy.


I just hope that pink stays bright after it dries.


17 Sep

Check this bad boy out!!! I can’t wait to try it out on some of our coffee-drinking friends & family! Anybody up for a cuppa’? Or 10?


Floor Sander

15 Sep

So. Today we rented a drum sander to sand our dining room floor. After that we plan to test some stain samples, and maybe some paints as well if the wood stains don’t cover the water/pet damage.

Next I will continue my campaign to do the same to our living room…assuming we can achieve a positive outcome ;)

Originally I wanted to do it all at once but James just wouldn’t agree. I just didn’t want to spend all that money to rent the sander twice. Turns out, a local company was charging FAR less than Home Depot so I feel a lot better about breaking it into two parts. So instead of paying $50 for 4 hours of rental time we found one much closer to home that was $50 for the whole weekend. Yay! Stay tuned for the results.


First French Braid

3 Sep

Well, friends, it’s a start! I don’t seem to have enough fingers, but Dags has grown fond of braids, so I’ll make it work. I am pretty fond of braids too, so maybe I’ll start sporting them myself. They may never look like I intend but it will be good practice.




If you have any braiding tips or tricks, please share in the comments below!

Kitchen Progress

1 Sep

Finally got the self-stick whiteboard paper installed. Still plan to trim it down, about even with the light switch and frame it with some moulding from Busy Beaver.

Above the whiteboard I plan to install some Ikea Grundtal shelves or shelf where I’ll store my pots & pans. And to the right of the whiteboard maybe I’ll put some hanging baskets or something.


Pink Streak

31 Aug

Like I told Facebook, pink hair makes one feel very coooooool!


Self Portrait

28 Aug

Dagny drew this on the chalkboard wall today and declared, “I’m a catty now!”



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