25 Things I Know About Myself

6 Jun

My friend Britt writes a blog on her website called In Pursuit of Happiness, and she posted this list of things you should know about yourself today. I love quizzes and telling people about myself with an eye to connecting on common ground or even revising misconceptions I have. And so I give you, 25 things.

Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

MOUNTAINS. One word: sharks. More words: people can’t breathe under water. If I’m going to die at the hands of razor sharp teeth, I better not be drowning at the same time. Or maybe that would actually be a godsend…I guess it depends what kills you first, the water or the shark. Plus snowboarding is my most favorite thing EVER.

What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

French toast. But I rarely do because gluten. I like to put peanut butter on it these days with a drizzle of maple syrup. It’s good when eaten for dinner too, by the way.

Are you a night owl, early bird, or afternoon person?

Hmmmm. I think in this season of my life I’m an early bird. I like the quiet of the house before everyone wakes up and chaos ensues for hours on end. At night I feel like there are still echoes of that chaos all around. Such as the sink full of dirty dishes. The socks and toys strewn across every open space. The dirty laundry on the bathroom floor, and so on. And it feels like a rush to get it all taken care of so I can go to bed early enough to not feel exhausted all the next day.

How spicy do you like your Indian food?

Just a hint of Indian heat, because Indians have a completely different scale for spicy than westerners do. And their scale is, like, logarithmic.

What kind of music makes you happy?

Wow. So many kinds. The only thing I just am too old for is the new generation of metal or screamo or whatever they call it.

What kind of music do you like to listen to when you’re sad?

My John Mayer pandora station.

What’s your favorite kind of pie?

Cherry. Although Key Lime held the top spot for a very long time.

What’s your favorite season?

Without a doubt, Fall. I’m rejuvenated from the summer sunshine and looking forward to the color change, the festivals, and ski season. The air smells delicious and my body is ready for cool breezes.

What’s your best physical feature?

Ooooh. Always so difficult to look at oneself with an admiring eye. I’ll go with my hair. Even though it drives me CRAZY with the sweaty and the frizz and the general unruliness.

What makes you laugh?

The unexpected. And incongruity.

What kind of books do you like to read?

Fantasy and historical fiction.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

I love so many restaurants, I cannot pick one.

What kind of food do you not like?

Many kinds of seafood are not my thing. Some of it is good, but a lot of it I can live without.

Would you rather be hugged or told that you are loved?


What scares you?

Losing my kids, failure, the unknown, the misunderstood…

How does your creativity show up?

I think I apply it the most in home decor and homemaking in general, but I love to make things, doodle, sew, refinish, and repurpose…even if I don’t do it FREQUENTLY. Just recently I’ve started expressing my creativity in our yard. And though it’s not really what comes to mind, I think my creativity often surfaces in my thought processes. I like to think I see things differently, unconventionally a lot of the time. In fact, I look for the opposing viewpoints and speculate about the many different ways of experiencing life. I think that is creative.

What type of exercise do you enjoy?

Yoga and snowboarding. That is pretty much it. I guess spinning is ok too.

What’s your favorite dessert?

Ice cream. I’m not going to over think this one. Sometimes I get strong cravings for chocolate or baked goods (read: McDonald’s hot apple pie) but there is nothing I love more than good ice cream. Generally just plain vanilla, but I’m a sucker for strange combinations like corn & cinnamon. Yes. I had a delicious cinnamon gelato studded with corn kernels. I had a basil mint gelato once too. Yolo, man, yolo.

Where do you feel safe?

With James.

Do you enjoy horror movies?

No. Absolutely, positively NO. If you enjoyed horror movies, wouldn’t that mean you’re, like, evil on some level? Maybe not, but don’t tell me if you do because that would weird me out.

Where’s your favorite place to be touched?

Between my shoulder blades. Possibly the back of my neck just above my hairline, but that spot seems more intimate to me, so don’t go trying to touch me there unless you’re James.

What makes it hard to be friends with you?

I hide out in my house and I’m not good at making plans to get together.

What do people love about you?

I don’t know.

What’s your learning style?

I tied for Visual-Spatial and Intrapersonal.

What’s your Myers-Briggs personality type?


Is there anything you need to learn about yourself?

Yes. Always. ALWAYS.

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2 Responses to “25 Things I Know About Myself”

  1. Kristine Whiteley June 6, 2013 at 7:33 PM #

    Just for the record, I LOVE sick twisted horror books and movies and I don’t feel evil ;)

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