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Then & Now

23 Nov

Several weeks ago I posted this photo…

Now I have an updated version to compare. I’ve been trying to get this update for soooo long! Finally Dags was so tired one morning that I snapped a whole bunch of pictures and she didn’t even twitch! It was awesome! Usually she pops up the second my hand alights on the doorknob.

Random Thoughts

18 Nov

I’m not going to lie, I feel like crap. There are a few things I’ll take the opportunity to get off my chest while I’m in this lovely mood. First, my bathtub sucks. Second, I have more thoughts on the urban vs. suburban dilemma we’re debating. Third, an ode to my sinuses.

So the bathtub. Here’s the deal. We have the hot water heater cranked up really high, which I know is not a good idea with a kiddo around. (I promise I will go down and turn it down right after I publish this, I swear) However somehow the shower has some weird ability to maintain the temperature just under the perfect hotness no matter how far you turn the knob up. For example, when James fills the tub for bathtime with Dags he turns the knob ALL the way up and they both sit in the tub as it fills with not-quite-hot-enough water. Now, I could do the same thing with the sink sitting right next to the tub and melt the skin right off my hand. It boggles the mind and frustrates my tired-of-being-pregnant body. We can’t figure out what’s up with it. And I need a good hot soak with one of my fancy fizzy balls from Lush Boulder.

Evolving thoughts on the pros and cons of suburbia vs. urbia are as follows. I’ve come to the conclusion that unless we live IN downtown…like right in there, we are not really reaping any benefits of “urban” living. For me benefits are being able to walk to nice parks like Highland, Schenley and Frick Parks, being able to walk to grocery and conveniences, and being able to walk to dining and entertainment venues. As in, being able to live comfortably without a car. My current thoughts are that if we aren’t going to live right there in downtown, then it makes sense to move all the way out near family, where there are people who don’t mind watching Dagny on occasion for the low low cost of free. And who Dagny ADORES. I feel like anything in-between and we lose the benefits of both options. James currently disagrees, wants to move to the Highlands Ranch of Pittsburgh, and we’re working towards a compromise.

Wah wah wah, my sinuses. I’m sure everyone goes through this too, but I feel like I’m the only one. Every single time I get whatever pestilence is being passed around at the time, it goes straight to my sinuses. They instantly swell up and I can’t even blow my nose. Then the inevitable infection takes hold and within a day or so my face hurts so bad I just want to just smash everything. Or curl up in a ball and lose consciousness. Then I drag my miserable butt to a doctor and its a crapshoot whether they offer me antibiotics or tell me to use OTC stuff. So a lot of the time I just head to the store and buy up half of the cold medicine. The thing is, when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding you can’t really do that. You’re very limited in what pharmaceuticals you can make use of. So the last few times I’ve been nailed by the sick-of-the-week, its been really sucky. Anyway, I’ve been battling it this week and it doesn’t help that I’m sick of hauling around my pregnant self to begin with. I also developed some varicosities this week and now my legs hurt like hell. Let me tell you what a ball of fun I have been for the past few days. My poor husband and daughter. All I want is a nice long hot soak in the tub and to feel better tomorrow. But if I do that I’ll use up all the hot water for the shower we normally take before bed. ARGH!

Also, unrelated…I can’t get the computer to see my E-Book, which is where all the cute photos of Dagny are. So you get this instead! Ha!

Look What I Made

14 Nov

I’ve grown out of all my late-pregnancy shirts from my last pregnancy. I have a few shirts that I’ve been wearing and generally I run out of clothes a day or 2 before laundry day. A few weeks ago there was a freaking awesome shirt on that I wanted to be able to wear during my current pregnancy. Only problem is I don’t really like the sizing options they have available. It was the perfect opportunity to attempt my first ever shirt reconstruction! It turned out awesomely! I’m going to try to give a little pseudo-tutorial of how I did it.

To start with, I used this video on YouTube to get a general idea of how to resize a shirt: T-Shirt Reconstruction: How to Resize Your Shirt and How to Give it a Braiding Effect. From there I improvised a little bit since my goal was to create a maternity shirt from a very big t-shirt. The internet is strangely lacking in tutorials for converting a large t-shirt into a fitted maternity shirt.

So I started with a t-shirt, size 3X, the biggest I could order it. I ordered it so big because when I read the size information I saw that the artwork was the same size no matter what shirt size you order. I wanted to have plenty of extra fabric to work with, so I ordered as big as I could without having to pay extra. Genius that I am, I did not take a picture of me in that huge shirt for a “before” photo. However I did have different one in the same size (3X) that I ordered from Woot and I took a picture of myself in that one to give you an idea of what I started out with…

*Don’t forget that you can right-click and open these pictures are full-size in a new window.

Next I began following the YouTube video…

I chose one of my favorite maternity shirts that still fits to model the new shirt after.

At this point, its important to point out that most fitted maternity shirts are not the same shape in the front as they are in the back. Usually the back is a pretty standard shape but the front has extra fabric and sometimes dips lower at the hem to cover the belly. Knowing that, I did the first step using the front (bigger side) of my pattern shirt and then I improvised the directions a little bit. Next I unfolded the freshly cut t-shirt and folded it lengthwise so I could line up the center back and refine the shape of the back of the recon shirt to match the back of my pattern shirt.

At this point I could go back to the YouTube tutorial and finish everything following the video’s directions…


Pin the side seams, right sides facing together.
I used a stretch stitch and jersey ballpoint needle to sew the side seams.
I wasn’t about to go out and buy new thread for this project, let alone thread a new bobbin. So I just used the variegated pink thread that was in my machine.

Further down there are some close-ups of the consequences of using the pink thread. The shirt came out slightly more snug than I really wanted. I attribute that to the fact that my pattern shirt was a very thin, stretchy knit and the t-shirt I was reconstructing was a thicker, less stretchy knit. So with it being snug, all of the seams were pulling a bit and the pink stitches showed through everywhere I sewed. James thought it looked cool and I agreed, so I just left it that way and pulled on the seams even more to really bring out the effect. Check out the results at the end of the pseudo-tutorial.


Next Secretlifeofanerd has us cut the sleeves out. I used my model shirt to estimate the length of sleeve, rather than eyeball it like she seems to do in the video. I also stacked the sleeves and cut both at once rather than one at a time like she does in the video.

Next you sew the bottom seam of the sleeves...I used a simple straight stitch here because I didn't see a need for it to stretch along that seam.

Now its time to attach the sleeves to the shirt. This was the hardest part for me. I used a stretch stitch again because I anticipated this as a seam that would be better if it was able to stretch around my arms, which get every so slightly more plump every week.  My sleeve did not match perfectly with the shirt hole so I pinned at the bottom seam, the top and then filled in pins at half-intervals. So after I pinned the top and bottom, then I pinned halfway between those pins on either side. Then at the halfway mark between all those pins and so on, until I had enough pins to make me feel like it wasn’t going to shift too much during sewing. I’d say I left about an inch between pins. Then I sewed that evil seam into a damned fine product considering my level of expertise, or lack thereof. In order to avoid any inadvertent pleating, I stretched the fabric slightly as I sewed. Luckily this didn’t result in any puckering either. If there is a slight puckering it may smooth out when the shirt goes on if the shirt is snug enough.


Here's what it looked like inside-out with my side seam and sleeve seam completed.

At this point the YouTube video moves on to the braiding effect, which I’m not interested in for this shirt. So at this point I’m done with the video. She leaves the hem unfinished like a tunic which looks good. Depending on the type of knit you may want quite a bit of extra length if you intend to leave the hem unfinished. Some knits curl up a LOT and some barely curl up at all. Surely this is related to the specific blend of fabric you end up with, but I don’t know enough about textiles to tell you what causes the extra curliness. I just test it out by observing what happens to the scraps after you cut and manhandle them a bit.

All set up and ready to sew the hem.

I decided to finish my hem. I didn’t want to have to change out my needle to a double needle to make it look more “professional” and I didn’t want to use up any more fabric than I had to. I also figured with my goof on the thread color it wasn’t going to look “professional” by any stretch of the imagination anyway, so I used one of the more decorative stretch stitch options and just sewed simple hem. I may take out the hem and leave it unfinished if I don’t like the way it looks the next few times I wear it. We’ll see, but for now I left it hemmed and it looks pretty good, I think.

Here's the freshly finished shirt.

Here you can see what I mean about the pink thread showing through at the seams.

Close-up of hem stitching

OK and finally, what you’ve all been waiting for…I model the reconstructed shirt on my hot body.

I think it turned out great! We tried to get the back reflected in the mirror. I would have liked a bit more growing room, but it'll do. After all, how much bigger can I really get in 8 weeks? UNIVERSE! DO NOT ANSWER THAT!


This picture is supposed to show you how the pink thread showing through affected the final product. I think it looks cool after all, but if you don’t like it, be sure to get matching thread for your own shirt reconstruction. Open this picture at full-size (right-click) to get a better view.
I wanted to include a picture of me wearing the pattern shirt too so you could see how this fits me compared to the shirt I made from it.

Well, there you have it! I turned a size 3X woot shirt into a fitted maternity shirt with pretty good results. I hope this helps some people who, like me, found scarce info on the internet about how to DIY something like this. If you have any questions, please let me know!

I also wanted to include a link to a fashion blogger I found while searching for maternity clothing construction. She has a whole bunch of posts about DIY maternity fashion from when she was pregnant and some great patterns for sale. Normally I’m not a big “fashion person” but I just LOVE her stuff and maybe you will too: Megan Nielsen. She has a search box at the top right and you can type in “maternity” to pull up some great posts. My favorites are on the second page of search results and later. In particular I love her wrap shirt and her favorite maternity looks post. Enjoy!

Baby & Me at Squirrel Hill Library

11 Nov

A picture-story from our trip to the library sing-along today…here’s what happened after “class” let out:

To Snip or Not To Snip

11 Nov

Boy that title really makes a gruesome procedure sound cutesy, doesn’t it? Well, its gruesome to me anyway to think of my brand new baby getting a portion of his penis cut off, hopefully right after having his penis punctured by a needle to numb it. Circumcision. I’m guessing it wasn’t such a big decision to our parents back in the day. I’m guessing it was more just a matter of course 30 years ago. However. It’s definitely up for discussion at our house. Obviously this is a very personal decision, and no matter what we decide it will be out of love for our son and his wellbeing. But I need to air out my thoughts and see if that helps clarify any of this for me.

The United States is one of the only developed nations where circumcision is routinely practiced on male infants. About 75% of males born in the US are circumcised shortly thereafter. Compare that to the UK, where several years ago the government stopped covering the cost of elective infant circumcision. Now the majority of younger males in the UK are uncircumcised. The majority of English parents weren’t so compelled to circumcise their boys that they were willing to pay out-of-pocket for it. In fact, it seems the most compelling reason worldwide is based on a person’s religious affiliation.

Did you notice I said elective infant circumcision? I didn’t know this but all of the major medical establishments in the world agree that there is no medical reason for the procedure. It’s purely cultural. I know this is a stretch for a lot of people (myself included) but you know what else is purely cultural in some parts of the world? Female circumcision. Let that soak in for a minute. Some of the more liberal countries in Europe go so far as to make it illegal to perform without anesthesia and they require people who perform circumcisions to be certified by their government. So, to many people, this is a very big deal. And honestly, it’s a pretty big deal to me. We’re talking about my son here. My son’s manhood. His family jewels. This is not a decision I approach lightly.

Ironically I had totally forgotten that we have to decide whether to have him circumcised while he’s in the hospital. I was so relieved not to have to make that decision when it turned out Dagny was a female that I put it waaaay out of my mind. I really did not want to be responsible for such a huge decision. Cut to the present time. Darn it if we aren’t having a boy. I still did not have the whole circumcision thing on the brain. Not until a couple of weeks ago when it came up during our hospital tour. Now I can’t escape it! They have asked me at every prenatal appointment since then.

At first I was inclined to just let James make this decision. Then I started reading about it. Let me just say that I fully acknowledge that there are legitimate reasons to both have it done and not have it done. That is exactly why we still haven’t really put this decision to rest. Looking like your peers is a pretty big deal at many stages of the whole process of growing up. Never having dealt with whatever locker room drama guys have to endure, I am really leaning on James to help with this. But you know what I think? I think that if you are targeted by your peers as someone to ridicule, they will find stuff to ridicule you about. No matter how much you attempt to conform, they will (often irrationally) single out things about you and generally make your life miserable. So I’m inclined to rule that out as a decision-making factor in permanently removing my son’s foreskin.

Now I’d like to share some of the most compelling reasons for ME to just leave it be, as that is the way I’m currently leaning.

First and foremost, mother nature. The foreskin does not separate or retract from the glans until a boy is several years old. In some cases, it can stay fused to the glans up until puberty. So in order to perform the circumcision it must be forcibly separated so it can be cut off without damage to the glans. To me, that just doesn’t make sense.

Secondly, there is the issue of pain and pain management. The standard procedure is done before the baby is discharged from the hospital. Our hospital allows 48 hours of recovery time for an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. So that would mean at less than 2 days old our son would endure an incredibly painful procedure. Apparently there are very few physicians who use ALL of the pain management techniques combined to reduce discomfort as much as possible. And by all I mean using an EMLA cream to numb the skin before the injection of anesthetic. And then actually USING an anesthetic. There are several methods of injecting the anesthetic, but from what I can tell the most popular is called a dorsal block and requires only 1 injection at the base of the penis. Other methods involved a ring of several injections around the penis. Apparently the child is physically restrained during all of this as well. And that doesn’t even begin to address the pain that may or may not be felt during the cutting or the pain that is very likely felt as part of the recovery. Parents are not allowed to be present at our hospital, I asked. A lot of people don’t seem to think this whole pain thing is a big deal, but I do. Let’s just agree to disagree, OK?

Finally, this is permanent. It can be performed at a later date and often men are circumcised as adolescents or adults. It may be that’s what their faith prescribes, it may be that they converted to another faith. Knowing that, I have a really hard time with making this decision for my son. I will happily take him to have his foreskin removed if he expresses that wish to us as a child, adolescent or teen. Hell, if he comes to us as an adult and feels he was slighted, I will happily pay for it then too along with any therapy he thinks he needs as a result.  I feel uncomfortable altering his body without his being able to consent. It’s just a personal thing for me, purely between me and my son. I do not believe it is “wrong” for other parents to choose circumcision. Each family is different and this decision is so personal.

So with those things in mind, I am leaning towards not snipping, but a final decision hasn’t been made.

There are some positive reasons to have the procedure done as well, though they are not as compelling to me personally. A lot of people, both fathers and mothers, feel it is important for their son’s penis to look like his father’s penis. I can certainly understand and I respect this perspective. Similarly, many people feel that its important that their son “fit in” with the majority of other males in the United States. I’ve already covered that above. Having it done as an infant is arguably less expensive and less complicated than performing the procedure on an older boy, adolescent or adult male. And of course, many people see circumcision as part of a covenant with God and I don’t believe it’s my place to pass judgement on other people’s relationship with God.

There are also some myths about the usefulness of circumcision. Many people feel that removing the foreskin makes it easier to keep clean, but that fact is disputed by various research. It is also commonly believed that removing the foreskin reduces the likelihood of a male contracting certain viruses, such as HIV. A lot of research disputes that fact as well. Though it is supported by some research, many people believe that an uncircumcised penis is more sensitive and may allow for greater pleasure during intercourse. That may be true, however I’m still waiting for all the circumcised men to start complaining about how they don’t enjoy sex and it’s all their parents fault before I make my final decision on that one.

2.0′s 3D Ultrasound

6 Nov

Today I am officially 31 weeks pregnant and we had our 3D ultrasound for 2.0 this afternoon! When I was 30 weeks pregnant with Dagny I had my first 3D ultrasound ever. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s because it’s a fairly recent development to be able to have this elective procedure. Basically you pay out-of-pocket so you can get a sneak peek of your baby in the womb. There is no medical reason for having one, it’s purely for entertainment and some controversy exists as to whether this is a good idea. To read more about the technology I suggest checking out the Wikipedia article. I believe the technology was developed for diagnosing and monitoring fetal anomalies, but someone got the genius idea to set up an office where people can get them done on a whim for a fee. It costs in the $150-$200 range for a session that lasts around 20-30 minutes. You also get several printed images from the session, a CD of still images and a DVD recording of the whole thing, including some video of the baby moving in 3D.

As soon as we found out that its fairly reasonably priced and used the same technology as 2D ultrasounds, there was no way we were going to pass up the opportunity during our first pregnancy. The idea of seeing the baby’s face while it’s still in the womb is mindblowing to me! Both times that I’ve had this experience it has totally blown me away. Once the decision was made to see Dagny in utero, it pretty much locked us into having one for every pregnancy if we wanted to be “fair.” So we scheduled one up for 2.0 several months ago and I’ve been impatiently waiting ever since!

Now, the Pittsburgh area only has 2 outpatient centers that do 3D ultrasound as far as I could tell. One of them ONLY does medically necessary 3D ultrasounds and the other is of the entertainment variety. They are called Insight Imaging, Inc., they are located in Monroeville, and that is where we went today. They were fantastic! I have to say that this time around I enjoyed the experience a lot more than the first time.

The first time around we were living in Denver and we went to the Westminster office of FirstView Ultrasound. Granted, we paid a little less that time. But this time we also got the live online video feed, which was an extra $25 charge. Anyway, at FirstView there was one guy and he checked us in and he was also the ultrasound tech. The office was super small, like shoebox small. It was evening after a long day at work for us and we just didn’t click with him the way we did with our guy today. The first guy was definitely friendly and we definitely got our money’s worth, but for some reason this time was just more pleasant.

This time we were greeted by a friendly receptionist and there was a whole different person who was the ultrasound tech. He was great! He was very friendly and answered all of our questions. He was great at narrating what we were looking at and the amount of time we spent looking at the baby seemed like forever! I remember thinking the first time around with Dagny that it was over so soon, but this time I kept wondering when we would be done. We got so many great shots of 2.0 and were able to get lots of very clear images of his face. I think you’ll agree from the images below that 2.0′s images are much clearer than Dagny’s. I’m sure there are a gazillion factors that play into that, but it was just one more thing that I noticed was better this time around.

We also got a very clear image of his…equipment. He is unequivocally a male of the species. So we’re on the right track with our name list which is good. No, I am not going to share that one with anyone until Prom 2029. Or maybe I’ll save it for his wedding slide show. I can’t decide.

One thing that was very striking to me is that although 2.0 was moving around like Mexican jumping bean, and my stomach was even looking like he was trying to break out of there through my belly button…the video really didn’t capture the craziness that I was feeling. He was rolling around a little bit, but to me it felt like he was doing some insane break dance moves in there. Don’t know what break dancing is? Where have you been?! Check out this adorable kid on Ellen.

But back to the ultrasound! Here are the much-anticipated pictures. First I’m including some from Dagny’s 3D Ultrasound for comparison. I think they look similar in some of them.

Pictures from Dagny’s 3D Ultrasound:

First, here is Dagny in the womb at 30 weeks. She still looks like this when she’s sleeping.

This picture of Dagny was taken when she was 1 month old and I think its the best shot showing how accurate the 3D ultrasound images were.

Thanks to this image of Dagny in the womb, we called her “clown mouth” for several weeks.

Here’s a great shot from Dagny’s 3D ultrasound that compares really well with the images from 2.0′s ultrasound today.

Pictures from 2.0′s 3D Ultrasound:

I think he looks a lot like Dagny in this one.

He is going to be such a cute little baby! I’m in love with him already!

Writers’ Block Today

4 Nov

Well, I can’t much think of anything to write and here it is Thursday. So a random collection of thoughts is coming your way…

1. I’m seriously annoyed at my printer. I have a generic color cartridge that I had been using for quite a while before we moved. I plugged the printer in at our new residence and now it is telling me that it doesn’t recognize that cartridge as compatible with the printer. JOY! So I took it out thinking I could print with just the black cartridge. Nope. Luckily with the help of google I figured out that if I change the print preferences I can print using only black ink and things are peachy. But then I tried to copy something on the flatbed part tonight. It was a no-go. I’m over this piece of overpriced junk! I’m ready to go office space on it! Here are some links inspired by my rage:

Printer Jam:

An old favorite from the college days…the comedy will not be appreciated by everyone…it took me a while to come around but I pretty much pee my pants every time I see it now.

Office Space Inspired:

This is actually a remix of a song/video I had never heard of, but I loved it…it has all the best parts from Office Space, plus a bunch of other great stuff. To fully appreciate everything, I’d recommend going out and renting Office Space to anyone who has worked in a cubical but hasn’t seen it. And…where have you been if you haven’t seen this movie!??!?

2. I don’t know what happened but it seems like last week, when the clock rolled over and dinged 30 weeks pregnant all of a sudden things took a sharp dive.

I have weird rib pain or muscle pain (can’t tell) in my back ribs. It’s in a spot that I totally can’t reach and James is awful at giving massages.

My ankles are starting to get puffy.

I’m clumsy as hell all of a sudden…well, clumsier anyway.

I have to get up to pee like 3 times a night, that’s approximately every 2 hours. Not fun.

I also can barely heave myself out of bed in the dead of night while I’m half asleep.

If I sit in my computer chair long enough I can barely walk when I get up from the pelvic pain. I’ll spare you the graphic description.

2.0 is seriously sharp and pokey. I don’t know what is going on in there, but at this point when he moves around its pretty uncomfortable for me. Doesn’t bode well for the remaining 10 weeks or so in which he gets bigger and bigger.

I literally cannot breathe whilst bent over tying my shoes or picking up toys.

Back hurts all the time. Deep muscles in my butt hurt all the time, especially right when I get out of bed. WTH!?

Also, can’t seem to sleep and thankfully doesn’t seem to be affecting me during the day.

Starting to feel some nesting urges.

Still have 10 freaking weeks to go.

Last night a lady in Target asked me, “How many months?” and followed up with “Cuz girl you are huge.”

3. I can’t wait until Saturday! We’re having our 3D ultrasound. I hope we get some good shots of 2.0′s face and confirmation that his reproductive equipment is indeed of the X-Y chromosome combination variety. Luckily I have been able to keep fairly busy this week with fun stuff like laundry. Seriously though, we went to the library sing along thing again today and had a really fun time. Tomorrow James is taking the day off and I have a prenatal appointment to distract me for a bit.

4. I have totally caught Christmas Fever already. I haven’t even taken down the Halloween stuff yet and I’m thinking about where to put the tree. Stores were setting up their Christmas displays weeks ago, I noticed. Now that Halloween has passed I can barely resist the urge to buy a nice pine scented candle and break out the decorations. It just seems wrong to do it before Thanksgiving, doesn’t it? Am I the only one who thinks that?

The End.

And finally, here is an adorable youtube video of James carrying Dags around in the laundry basket.

Halloween Recap!

1 Nov

Oh, Halloween! How do I love thee?

I wish I had a better grip on my nerves so I could fully appreciate the creepy side of Halloween. Well, its not so much that I can’t appreciate it, I just don’t need any extra help getting disturbing images into my brain. One of these days I’m going to try to sketch up the scary dude that I imagined up in a bout of postpartum paranoia last year. It was right about this time last year that I had to start back to yoga or consider taking crazy pills.

But nonetheless, I love Love LOVE this holiday!

So anyway, we had a fabulous weekend of sugar-coma-inducing awesomeness! On Saturday we went to New Kensington for the Mount Vernon Residents’ Association Parade and Trick-or-Treat. It was awesome! It was everything I remember from the best Halloween of my childhood…the Halloween that we lived in the suburbs of Cleveland. Tangent warning! When I was 5-ish years old my family moved to the Cleveland area and that’s where I attended kindergarten. We stayed there for about a year and I have nothing but fond memories of that time in my life. I had great friends, my mom threw me a birthday party with pink cake that year, Dan wasn’t born yet…JUST KIDDING!!! I love my baby brother…but truth be told I was hoping for a sister at the time.  Anywho! That fleeting year of my life I got to experience Halloween as it is meant to be. Throngs of trick-or-treaters, people dressed up in costumes to give out candy, and almost every house in the neighborhood was decked out in Halloweeny decorations. Nothing after that ever lived up to that one year in my memory. Until our experience in New Ken over the weekend. There were so many kids! Almost all of them dressed up in fantastic costumes. Everyone dressed up and came out for the parade around 2:00pm. We walked about 4 square blocks and people actually came out and stood in their yards to watch the kiddos pass by in their costumes. Some people even handed out some candy!

After the parade we went back to Mia & Grandpa’s to rest for a while before trick-or-treating started at 5pm. Dags was lit up! There was NO WAY she was taking a nap, even though she almost fell asleep sitting upright on the way home from the parade.

We got her back into her lion suit and headed out with the rest of the family for some trick-or-treating. Our crew included me, James, Dagny, Aunt Kelly and her Aunt Lauren and her cousins Nicole and Chelsea.  It was so much fun! Dags was intrigued by all the shiny bits people were giving her. We made sure she said thank-you to everyone and we tried our best to get her to say trick-or-treat. She was awfully distracted by the whole process so I’m pretty proud that we got her to say thank-you to everyone. And it sounds SO cute when she says it, like “teek-oo.” I had gotten her a tiny little fabric bucket to carry around and she responded best to directions when I called it her “purse.” Once she figured out about the whole candy thing she readily ran up to the people handing out candy on their porches. Then she barreled back to the wagon…everywhere she went was at full speed! So nerve-wracking! One time she did actually fall down and somehow her head made contact with the ground but I think the lion head cushioned the fall because she popped right back up and took off again.

By the end of it all she was soooo tired and yet we still had to eat dinner and drive home. I have never seen her so amped up! She was insanely overstimulated and right before we left she literally was just running a circle around the house over and over again. Five minutes into our drive home she was out cold. We decided to skip bathtime and she went right to sleep once we got her changed and into the crib around 8:45pm.

Sunday we had to drive back over to New Ken because I somehow took Jim’s keys home with me, oops! I blame the pregnancy. Anyway, we went over there and dropped off the keys, had lunch at Olive Garden and then went to get our new iphones. In the end we ran out of time because we had an appointment with our realtor to look at some homes. We were on such a roll that we totally skipped trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood. Now I have a big bowl of candy that did not get passed out and I kind of regret not experiencing the festivities in our own neighborhood. Especially because I put up all my decorations, which isn’t that many, but still. So I don’t have any additional photos, just the initial set I posted to Facebook, which you can access from this link: Halloween 2010. I didn’t duplicate any photos in this post, so all the ones in the album are at least slightly different from the ones in this post :)

I hope everyone had as pleasant a time as I did over the weekend!

Next up, 3D Ultrasound on Saturday!


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